BNT World

BNT World TV

BNT World is Bulgaria’s international television channel owned and operated by the Bulgarian National Television. The first broadcast of the program was on 2 May 1999, then under the name “TV Bulgaria”. The first program director of “TV Bulgaria” is Agnesa Vasileva. At the beginning of the program starts with the repetition of the best fund of the BNT, the Bulgarian feature films and music programs. Music channel signal “Tell me my le white cloud” was recorded specifically by Theodosius Spasov. “TV Bulgaria” has had a very successful own productions – “Ambassadors of Bulgaria” and “One Flew Over the night.” On 14 September 2008, the channel name was changed to “BNT SAT.” On 20 December 2010 the channel was renamed to “BNT world.” “BNT World” broadcasts by satellite free to air.